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A client who shifted his behaviour, attitudes and practices remarkably, shared with me that our coaching partnership opened up his world in unexpected ways. He became much more observant of what was going on around him. He noticed things that he had previously not seen or paid attention to on his way to and from his home to his office. This had beneficial impacts on how he related to his colleagues and family.

This inspired me to take up a 30 Day Challenge to heighten my ability to observe everyday things around me, to reflect on what messages and interpretations they evoke and how I can improve my self-awareness and engagement with others.

In particular, I am curious to:
* notice what I notice
* explore what I can learn from these observations
* adapt these everyday lessons to my work and life more broadly.

I’ve selected a period of 30 days, sometimes thought to be the length of time it takes to form a habit. It will require commitment and discipline. I want to “walk my talk”.

I also want to experiment with practices that can be adopted daily and that are not onerous. Many of my clients are overwhelmed and doing extra work is daunting. So I want to play with simple and effective ways to improve self-awareness that my clients can embrace.

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