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Day 19 of 30 Day Challenge.

I kneaded the dough to make “cia cia”, a traditional Easter bread, from my dad’s home town, Cortona in Tuscany. Sadly neither dad nor mum are still alive. So I’m relying on my memory and several handwritten recipes collected over time. Each is slightly different in term of quantities and temperatures.


I’m reflecting on rules. Are they inflexible or do I need to discern when to apply them or when to adjust according to the situation?

I’m also reminded of the advice from Barbara Hosking, CBE which she shared with us in a discussion about her book “Exceeding my Brief”. Barbara said that as she navigated the complexities of the public service and public bodies, she believed that “rules are to be interpreted” not followed slavishly or without discernment.

If you want to find out more about why I’m doing this 30 Day Challenge see


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  • What an evocative image, I can almost smell the baking – just wonderful. This image reminds me of my working assignment in Italy which although many years ago now, had such a profound impact on me which I still treasure to this day. Grazie 1000!

  • stefano capodagli says:

    this is much more than just rules! It is colors, taste, feelings, all senses enlightened by the joy of your “Italianita’! your sensitivity and soul come from there…

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