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Executive Coaching

My clients are talented and accomplished men and women who want to move beyond their current capabilities. They recognise that their set of skills and behaviours is not optimal to achieve their aspirations or to meet the complex demands of their promotion or new role.

As examples they may want to move from:

  • being a team player to being the team leader
  • a narrow focus on technical expertise to managing people
  • acting as a “lone wolf “ to working collaboratively in a team
  • management (the doing or executing) to leadership (creating the space for others to do)
  • “it’s my way or the highway” to appreciating and working effectively with cultural nuances and diversity
  • being seen as not having enough gravitas and presence to becoming persuasive, engaging and inspiring
  • miscommunication causing waste and remediation to gaining commitment and collaboration from colleagues
  • a long, established career in one product, sector or industry to another

The core of what I do is to work with my client’s current set of beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, habits and practices to establish if they are “fit for purpose”.

One-on-one coaching is bespoke and designed to address your specific requirements. The following provides some guidance.

Introductory conversation: to ensure our compatibility and to gauge your willingness, readiness and commitment to change.

Diagnostic phase: the completion of questionnaires, values assessments, 360-degree feedback to assess your level of awareness and how your bosses, peers and direct reports view your talents and areas for improvement.

Triangulation: a meeting between you, your boss and me to establish our respective expectations and responsibilities.

Scope and goal setting: an exploration of your business challenges, professional and personal values and beliefs. We design broadly defined goals and identify the evidence that will demonstrate your success.

Progressive coaching: we fine tune your goals and address other issues as they emerge. The frequency and length of these meetings may vary depending on the intensity of the assignment. They tend to be face to face, however, if you are travelling they can be done by phone.

Between meetings: you will be “trying on for size” new behaviours and ways of being from the perspectives you gain.

Reviews: a review and assessment of your accomplishments at mid-point and the conclusion with your boss. We discuss how you will sustain and reinforce your improved performance and what further work may be required.

You will engage in a range or activities, which may include:

reflecting | uncovering strengths | identifying gaps | goal setting | action planning | journalling | reading | brainstorming | role-playing | modelling | accessing emotions | visualising | story telling | trusting | body exercises