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About You

“Management has a lot to do with answers. Leadership is a function of questions. And the first question for a leader always is: Who do we intend to be?”
Max De Pree

Are you:

Tentative in your new role? Struggling with “people issues”? Unable to say “no”? Not completing projects on time? Unable to set boundaries? A perfectionist reluctant to delegate? Overwhelmed by all the roles you have to juggle? Aware that you could be achieving so much more? Keen to implement leading edge strategies?

Would you like to:

Command respect and support? Stand firm and say “no”? Create trust and cooperation in your team? Delegate responsibility? Eliminate re-work and redundant practices that waste time? Reach new levels of success?

Many of your beliefs, values and assessments are unconscious. Yet they shape how you behave, respond and communicate, what you think you can or allow yourself to achieve.

Whether in a coaching engagement, workshop or group work I invite you to be curious and to make the “invisible visible”.

Your challenge is to devise new ways of thinking. I also listen for what you don’t say or request which may be holding you back from successful delegation and may discourage creativity in your team. Through conversation I assist you to design an achievable plan of action in your role as executive, business owner or aspiring leader.

With a sense of fun, “trying things on for size” and practise you gain new perspectives and are empowered to generate sustainable changes in your professional and personal lives.


My style works if you:

  • have a sense of humour
  • recognise that being the best means going beyond your comfort zone
  • are keen to test your assumptions and behaviour
  • are willing to experiment and turn your thinking “inside out”
  • value accelerated learning
  • are accountable for your actions
  • agree that learning and development are testimony to your strength