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Other Services

Gaining broader traction
One-on-one coaching delivers significant results. To reinforce and leverage these successes across your organisation I provide other services.

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This may start with an assessment of the team or organisation’s values and culture using the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) diagnostic, multiple stakeholder interviews and team off-sites. This allows us to measure how well the group is doing and what values or behaviours impede success.

Further, teams are not simply a collection of individuals. There is a dynamic that exists between the individuals and as a team entity. Using a model based on Relationship System Intelligence ™ we uncover the relationship system. I coach the system, to give voice to the unsaid within a team, to help the team members appreciate each other’s nuances and to explore roles, paradoxes and diversity in relationships.

Leadership is a learned practice.  My workshops are designed to help you explore what you care about and what are the barriers to your learning. I teach you how to have conversations that create followers and encourage them to make commitments, to collaborate and to take actions that will generate your intended results.

Sometimes when executive teams come together they report on their area and appear to “buy-in” to the vision, mission and strategy of the organisation. However, if the executive members are not truly aligned to the strategy as if they owned it and are committed to making it successful then they are likely to return to their divisions and continue to work on their own agendas or worse still they may sabotage the organisational strategy. Using the Executap™ process we align the executive team so that it works on a unified goal and for the success of the organisation.

I also facilitate Peer Advisory Circles for founders, owners, partners and senior executives from non-competing businesses. The  members are talented, hard working and driven to achieve success. Yet like all of us they encounter challenges, struggles and some obstacles. They recognise that they can work on these issues on their own and muddle through. Or they can accelerate the process, saving  time, money and aggravation by leveraging the expertise, ideas, creativity, advice and experience of a group of business owners and leaders committed to sharing, providing support and feedback and holding each other accountable. In a confidential space the Peer Advisory Circle brings together the collective wisdom of a group of peers who are in non-competing businesses, are objective, have a diversity of opinions, no vested interests and no internal politics. Members learn and take away strategies that they can can put into immediate effect in their personal and professional lives. They also have the opportunity to network and create valuable connections.

Pro Bono Services

In 2007 I became a member of the executive board of Women in Banking & Finance (WIBF). Initially I was  Head of the Personal Excellence Programme. I devised the development workshops with  external trainers and led workshops on Leadership and Networking.  In 2011 I became President and in June 2014 I stepped down to join the WIBF Advisory Board for a year.  I have moderated discussion panels, interviewed distinguished speakers, chaired executive team meetings and facilitated large award ceremonies.

My leadership role has kept me grounded in the same challenges my clients face; for example creating and executing a strategy, motivating teams, handling legal, HR and financial issues, fundraising during difficult economic conditions and negotiating with strategic partners and vendors.

In 2006 I was the  Founding Chair of Advance: Global Australian Professionals in London. It was the first non-North American chapter of this global network. In my role I chaired the steering committee, negotiated with strategic partners, organised events and grew membership.

From 2003 to 2005 I mentored students for the Rugby Portobello Trust house-share scheme. In some cases the students were victims of domestic violence or were asylum seekers from war-torn regions such as Ethiopia, Eritrea or Kosovo. I also organised an event for the house-share tenants, children from the Rugby youth club and members of the Trust board to meet and be inspired by role models. It provided them an opportunity to have a conversation, learn and be inspired by “local heroes” who had survived adversity and “unconventional heroes” who prospered in their field despite not having the “right” background.

In 2016 I became a Trustee of the Friends of the Rose Bowl, a charity to support the Rose Bowl Youth Club in Islington. We raise funds to provide facilities and education for local youth in the interests of social welfare and recreation.

In 2017 I became a coach on the UpRising youth leadership programme and a mentor at Regent’s University London.

I am also a member of the Leadership Story Telling Committee of  the UK Chapter of IWF. In 2018 I became a Director of  International Women’s Forum UK Ltd.