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"Knowing others is intelligence:
Knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength:
Mastering yourself is true power”
Lao Tzu


"To accomplish great things, we must
not only act, but also dream
not only plan, but also believe."
Anatole France


“We don't see things as they are.
We see them as we are.”
Anais Nin


“To live is to choose.”
Kofi Annan


“Wisdom adds depth, perspective
and meaning to knowledge"
Bernard Lietaer

I would highly recommend Sylvana as a personal career/management coach. I worked with her over a period of 5 years to develop my personal skills. At the outset I had a strong technical reputation for delivering quality work, but found it challenging to work with a wide range of people in an effective way - my success was built on functional skills and not people skills. This was holding up my career and my manager engaged Sylvana as a personal coach to a number of people in a management team where we needed to improve our overall performance. I was initially very sceptical and even cynical about the coaching process, but my fears were unfounded and the whole coaching process very effective. My skills developed considerably in the working environment and I continue to develop personally through constant use of the tools and techniques I learned with Sylvana. I am now selected into roles because of my people skills and not in spite of them. An extremely positive experience - I would even describe it as life-changing.

Mark VickersBNP Paribas Financial Services – Product & Change Management

Sylvana provided me with coaching shortly after I was promoted to a strategic HR management role as I had no previous formal leadership experience and was lacking confidence and self-belief. She challenged the beliefs I held about myself and others which help me view situations and potential scenarios from a more positive and constructive perspective. I truly believe that without her support and guidance I would have had a nervous breakdown! This coaching not only helped me cope through a difficult period in my professional life, but also enhanced how I deal with personal situations outside of work. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sylvana for her direct but sensitive approach to leadership coaching.

HR Effectiveness & Communication LeadEuropean Bank

Sylvana’s coaching insights and well-researched contribution to her Peer Advisory Boards are what makes her business stand apart. The sessions are well organised and effectively delivered. I highly recommend her Peer Advisory Board for those with a curious mind and desire to make a success of their own business or professional life.

Adrian CollinsKuPP. Ltd

It was an insightful event. Peer Advisory Board indeed brings the collective wisdom of a group of senior business people with relevant experience, who are objective, have a diversity of opinions, and no vested interests. It helps you accelerate the process of dealing with business obstacles by leveraging the expertise, ideas, creativity, advice and experience of a group of business owners and leaders. I highly recommend it to new business owners / CEOs.

Liliana ReasorCEO, Novus Ordo Capital

Sylvana is a goldmine of knowledge about leadership, business, behavioural aspects, processes and practices for mental strength and self-awareness. She brings this together with her own professional experience and great ability to lead a group to grow and learn. The senior people in the group, the trust and confidentiality, provide business leaders with a diverse and safe forum to discuss and explore specific as well as common topics. I highly recommend the Advisory Board to ambitious business leaders and executives.

Anna GudmundsonCEO, Fitbug

Your session was truly inspiring and hands down the best part of the event. I am practicing my learnings and honestly can see a difference already in how I used to interact with people, so thanks for that valuable insight!!

Sana KhanCFO, MENA, BT

The relaxed and informal sessions enabled me to recognise my strengths and erase negative attitudes that had repressed me in the past. Sylvana is a very sensitive and positive woman with oceans of expertise in her field.

Store ManagerInternational Charity

A constructive and very well managed session. The diversity of the members really enhanced the dynamics around the boardroom table.

Adam GazzoliDirector

I had the opportunity to work with Sylvana as a member of the Executive Board for Women in Banking & Finance UK during her tenure as President of the group. Sylvana is that rare combination of financial services expert - having operated in front office at the very top of her profession - and a leading facilitator/executive coach with outstanding inter-personal skills & EQ. Whether in business meetings, leading executive teams, public speaking to VIPs or facilitating panels; Sylvana has an incredible ability to communicate strategy & commercial value, connect individuals & themes to bring relevance, illustrate with best practice examples from her extensive network, and summarise with humour & gravitas. Sylvana is passionate about restoring the reputation to her industry, she is meticulous in the quality of her delivery, and I have always found her to be as fair & measured a person as she is a professional.

Justine CooperVeduta Vision, HR Consultancy Services

Outstanding executive coaches are few and far between. The market is full of ex-business leaders who don't quite get people, or coaches who don't quite get business. The commercial acumen, mixed with the ability to listen and learn, together with the need for real empathy are extremely rare. Sylvana is able to use these skills to move individuals into the place where they are able to fulfil their potential. She is exceptional because of her noteworthy business experience and uncanny ability to get to the heart of a coachee's challenges. Even better is that she does this with style, credibility and a sense of humour.

Stephen TurnerFormer Head of Investor Solutions UK, BNP Paribas Securities Services

I have found coaching to be an invaluable tool in helping me to isolate my strengths and motivations. Sylvana has an ability to help me look at my approach with a fresh perspective. Sylvana's suggested exercises, while very simple, were extremely enlightening helping to break down issues and obstacles that at first seem insurmountable into more manageable pieces.

Equity DeskEuropean Investment Bank

Sylvana provides her clients with powerful guidance into leadership and impact in the world based on her own leadership journey. Sylvana has bridged the worlds of refined analytical skills from finance to the power of human commitment and the value of effective coordination. She enables people to take their ideas, and even their frustrations, into productive action. Too often in our culture taking on big possibilities is an exercise of overexertion. Sylvana shows you how to make and fulfill bigger promises with more ease, meaning, and satisfaction. I highly recommend Sylvana to those who are ready to learn a new and more powerful approach to creating their future with others.

Bob DunhamFounder, The Institute of Generative Leadership

As an MD I was looking for coaching to help me perform at a higher level - in a similar way an athlete or sportsman would. I found that after the series of sessions I had the tools to analyse issues in more creative ways and had alternative methods to use in order to tackle various business problems.

Managing DirectorRetail Food Chain

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