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As a leader or entrepreneur you need to balance the tensions of:

• being a self-starter and knowing when to ask for help and advice.

• your stubbornness with robust conviction.

• reaching for the stars while having your feet planted firmly on the ground.

• seeing possibility while maintaining sensible spending.

You will greatly increase the chances of your success if you improve your emotional balance by being open, self-compassionate, experimenting, noticing your responses, and making small changes
that build with practice.

In our concise and easy-to-digest book, Humble Crumbles: Savouring the crumbs of wisdom  from the rise and fall of Humble Pie, PaulO’Donnell and I explore the factors that contribute to an entrepreneur’s success and failures.

What do you do to balance opposites?

How do you harness your passion, creativity and single-mindedness to grow your idea or business? 

If you would like to improve your self-awareness and ability to balance the inevitable tensions that arise when starting a business or leading a team contact me or call +44(0) 7952 068133.


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