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Peer Advisory Circle, Facilitated by Sylvana Caloni, PCC

You are talented, hard working and driven to achieve success in your business. Yet like all of us you encounter challenges, struggles and some obstacles. You can work on these issues on your own which is time consuming and less productive.

Or you can accelerate the process, saving you time, money and frustration by leveraging the expertise, creativity, advice and experience of a group of business owners and leaders committed to sharing ideas, providing support and feedback, and holding you accountable.

In a confidential space without internal politics or vested interests, the Peer Advisory Circle brings together the collective wisdom of people in senior roles who are in non-competing businesses, are objective and have a diversity of opinions. Together we can generate solutions to your business problems.

You will learn and take away strategies that you can put into immediate effect in your personal and professional life.

You also have the opportunity to network and create valuable connections.

For more information download  Why join a Peer Advisory Circle Nov-Dec 2018

What our guests say …

“The attendees at this event were impressive which made for thought provoking discussion. Sylvana engendered a sense of trust in the room whilst challenging us to think deeply about our commercial realities and personal priorities. I would recommend the experience to anyone who wants to work on real issues in a dynamic way with a facilitator who has an excellent track record of success and a wicked sense of humour.”

J. Cowley

“Excellently executed, meaningful insights and good discussions in a relaxed, safe environment with likeminded guys. Spot on. Certainly time well spent.”

R. Bedi

“Fantastic approach to building sustainable businesses.”

C. Brown-Quinn

“Participating in a well facilitated Peer Advisory session was well spent. Time away from the day-to-day gave an opportunity to reflect and to consider business issues with a group of trusted yet impartial peers.”

J. Theodoulou

“Sylvana’s facilitation thrives on the diversity of attitude, background, experience and approach in the room. She is excellent at encouraging interaction and impactful contribution from each participant and helping you draw valuable threads that will influence your own discovery as you nudge your thinking forwards.”

H. Davies

“As you progress in the world of business, you can feel more and more isolated or that people are looking to you alone for the answer. The Peer Advisory has shown me the value of working with your peers across industries. It allows you to share your experience, insight and challenges in a no jeopardy environment to the mutual benefit of the attendees. It is an excellent way of ‎learning and developing with like minded people and I can not recommend it highly enough.”

S. Coe

“The taster session for me was like pressing the REFRESH button in my brain. We all need new ways of looking at the same issues. I enjoyed connecting with the group and hearing different perspectives. Stimulating, affirming, motivating and highly recommended.”

M. Evangeli

“A constructive and very well managed session. The diversity of the members really enhanced the dynamics around the boardroom table.”

A. Gazzoli

“The senior people in the group and the trust and confidentiality provide leaders with a diverse and safe forum to discuss and explore specific as well as common topics. I highly recommend the Advisory Board to ambitious business leaders and executives.”

A. Gudmundson

“Sylvana’s coaching insights and well-researched contribution to her Peer Advisory are what makes her business stand apart. The sessions are well organised and effectively delivered. I highly recommend her Peer Advisory for those with a curious mind and desire to make a success of their own business or professional life.”

A. Collins

Experience a Taster Peer Advisory Circle

If you would like to explore if this is a good fit for you or you would like to attend a complimentary session contact Sylvana on 07952 068133 or to discuss further.