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Day 30 of 30-day challenge to improve my awareness:

▪what do I notice in everyday situations?

▪what can I learn from my observations?

▪what can I adapt?


Walking home from a breakfast meeting I noticed this sign and how many interpretations I could have of its meaning. The hand could mean stop, no entry or don’t go any further.

Or a much more inviting interpretation is hello, welcome and come in. (As it’s a gastropub I expect its was intended to be the latter).


I can be more conscious about the meaning I am making of signs, conversations, gestures, conversations and emails.

My interpretation impacts my reactions and sense of possibilities or obstacles.

If you want to find out more about why I’m doing this 30-Day Challenge see


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  • stefano capodagli says:

    it often happens to me. Signs I see catch my attention and make me aware of the nuances and different perspectives depending on the moment/time of my day, my emotional status, my physical conditions, my attention to the world around me.
    This sign suggests me human contact, socialising.

  • Thank you for sharing your own journey Sylvana, this has stimulated me to become more aware in the tiny and busy moments as to what is around me (something I could definitely improve upon).
    This particular post made me think about the impact our own perceptions and mindsets have on our interpretations and in turn decisions.

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