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As many of us are still working from home and using online channels of communication, it is even more critical to establish connection and trust with our colleagues.

In an earlier article I explore how my clients, associates and I have created greater engagement and trust by demonstrating judicious vulnerability and apologising when we have created misunderstanding.

For some displaying vulnerability and making an apology may seem like signs of weakness. Yet they prove to be very powerful.

These actions are even more relevant when WFH as we can’t rely on the clues we gain from observing our colleagues in person or around the “water cooler”.

What is your experience?

Do you value your boss or colleagues more when they acknowledge that they are finding it tough?

Do they rise in your esteem when they can apologise instead of deflecting blame to others?


I invite you to have a conversation with me about how to develop trust and connection with your colleagues. Send me a note or call me +44 (0) 79520 68133 and we can arrange a time.


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