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When looking to change or more powerfully to transform* our businesses and lives two of the most important questions we need to consider are:

  1. Who are we as Observers?
  2. What do we Care about?

How you interpret and engage with your world is a function of who you are as an Observer. Being an observer goes beyond what you see with your eyes. It is a function of your body, emotions, language, practices and historical discourses.

You have learned to be the way you are, consciously or unconsciously, by being a member of a group.  These groups may include your family, school, religion, nationality and gender. Each group has standards, beliefs and ways of behaving that have become your habits.

These habits shape what you accept and believe and this in turn impacts your behaviour; how you think and speak, how you move physically and how you respond, communicate, engage with others, seek opportunities and assess risks.

Habits can serve us well.  They help us navigate the norms or rules of our groups, without having to go back to first principles. However, in new settings or groups we can find that these ways of being have gone beyond their “use by date”. That is, they are no longer appropriate and may impede our progress in this new setting.

To illustrate different observers and how transforming who they were as observers assisted them to reach their goals I will share several examples of my client’s and my own experiences in later posts (identifying features are altered to maintain anonymity).

Check my posts frequently to see if the circumstances, challenges, questions and solutions are relevant to you.

* If we change our behaviours & attitudes it is possible that under stress we revert to our ingrained habits. When we transform it is like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis – it can’t go back!

If you would like to discuss with me in more detail leave a reply below or at . Or call me on UK +44 (0)20 7226 3611 or +44 (0) 7952 068133.

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