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Early November usually marks the time for the spectacular Lord Mayor’s parade in London. I was reminiscing on my participation in that parade in 2013 when I was on the Diversity Advisory Panel to the Lord Mayor. I also abseiled the iconic Lloyd’s building to raise funds for her charities.

At the time many people thought I was crazy and brave to take on such a dangerous feat. Yet it didn’t seem crazy nor brave to me to descend the 289 ft (88m) building.

This got me thinking about who I am as an ‘observer’.

The concept of an observer is not confined to what we see. It encompasses much more broadly how we engage with our work and life circumstances. For example, it includes our values, what we think is appropriate, our accepted norms, our goals, what motivates us, what we are afraid of and what we practice.

Some of what I learned about myself is that I followed a great role model. I had a sense of loyalty to my dad and a desire to stretch myself to make a difference. You can read more in my earlier post.

Exploring who we are as an observer is a key part of how my clients and I develop self-awareness. And it is the foundation of successful leadership.

What do you do to create and deepen your self-awaress?

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