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Day 24 of 30 Day Challenge to observe everyday things around me and to distil their relevance for my life more broadly.

On my way to an appointment I saw this billboard. I wondered about my own history. Have I adopted rules and practices from my parents, school and university clubs?


How relevant are those historical practices and rules to today’s fast-paced, 24/7, constantly connected life?

Consider how much of what I do is because “that’s the way it’s done around here”.

If you want to find out more about why I’m doing this 30 Day Challenge see


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  • stefano capodagli says:

    it is about our history, our traditions, the memory of our ancestors. It is about thinking about our life now, is it not too superficially lived? our social relationships are built on what?

    • sylvanacaloni says:

      Interesting observations Stefano. It reminds me of Systemic Coaching and Family Constellations work. We carry the aspirations and regrets of our ancestors. Sometimes this unwittingly keeps us stuck and we need to make peace with our past.

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