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If we want to change how we behave, engage, communicate or lead others we may not only have to challenge the orthodoxy of our peers; “the way we do things around here”, more importantly we need to challenge our own set of beliefs, practices, habits and comfort zone.

Like Copernicus you may find that there is resistance to your perspective. In your case it may be to your new product, strategy, work process etc. You may be upsetting entrenched beliefs or hierarchies within your organisation.

In order to gain the courage and resilience to withstand opposition and to persuade others to adopt your vision you first need to explore your own motivations and conditioned tendencies. The things you do unconsciously. You need to stop, notice and reflect to become aware.

For example, are you aware that you are breathing or blinking right now?

When you become aware you then have a choice of how to respond and what action to take.

Here are some suggestions I offer my clients.

  1. To reflect and learn more about your own unconscious practices, beliefs and emotions write a journal.
  2. If you were planting a garden you would clear the area of weeds and debris, rake, fertilise and water the soil. Consider how you can prepare yourself for change and leadership. What do you need to let go of?
  3. An ideal way to receive more objective feedback on your behaviour and practices is to ask others for their perspectives and experiences working with you.
  4. For more impartial feedback that is not coloured by office politics or your own  “sacred cows” engage an external coach.

What is the first step that you are taking to make your desired changes?

If you would like to discuss your challenges and aspirations with me send a reply below or to or call me on UK +44 (0) 7952 068133. I’d be delighted to have a conversation with you to explore if we could work together successfully.