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Like many, as I’m confined to my home during lockdown 2.0, I’m watching more TV programmes. I’ve been fascinated by ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ about a chess prodigy. It speaks to practice, learning, patterns, collaboration and rules of the game. All topics relevant to leadership development, entrepreneurship and coaching.


Gary Kasparov, a former chess champion, believed that we learn more from our defeats than from our victories. He recommended playing people who are more competent than we are and that we be prepared to lose. This philosophy reminded me of the advice of successful entrepreneurs at a forum I attended. I took away several gems of wisdom that are not only relevant to start-ups. They are applicable to more established companies and to our individual endeavours.

The most powerful pieces of advice were to:
• continuously “test, learn, iterate”
• ask questions and listen deeply
• don’t be attached to your solution
• humans matter (mindset, behaviour and emotions)

What is your experience with failure?

How do you learn best?

See the original article with more insights from the forum in test, learn and tweak

If you would like to be more adaptable and to shift your attitude to failure I invite you to connect with me. Add a comment below, send a note to or call me on +44 (0) 7952 068133. Let’s explore how we could partner together successfully.


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