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Sometimes a light-bulb moment might be enough to change your habits or conditioned tendencies.

However, most of the time it takes several steps. You can optimise your ability to absorb and synthesize your learning by paying attention to what assists serotonin creation in your body or “The Serotonin Seven”.

Sleep, Exercise, Sunlight, Stable Relationships, Meditation, Simple Diet and Meaningful Work.

Also spend some time on:

  • Self Reflection – perhaps whilst you are on the bus or train to work, walking from the station to your office, when you are at the gym or block out a dedicated time in your diary.
  • Consider and record “what are barriers to learning”? See also my blog on this topic.
  • Write in your journal about the language you use (either spoken out loud or quietly in your head),  your body movements (eg. fluid, rigid, leaning forward or backward) and moods/emotions (eg. curious, sad, apprehensive, joyful) as you are faced by challenges and achieve successes.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice what you are learning.
  • Take small steps: read the book Kaizen. Check it out on my Suggested Resources page.
  • Set up a support team: colleagues, endorsers, mentor or coach.
  • Read, watch and listen to resources like TED talks etc.


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Photo source: By Ulfbastel (Own work (own photo)) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons