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Day 12/30 Challenge.

As the train platform began to fill I noticed the different shoes the travellers wore.

I wondered about their different lifestyles and different aspirations.

I remembered the advice to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”. That is, to consider their motivations, fears and what they care about. Especially when:

◉ trying to engage with them

◉ negotiating

◉ handling conflict


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  • I look at the image and words, and I am reminded that the most powerful moments of learning how to walk in someone else’s shoes are immersive experiences. A real gem in life not to be missed.

    • sylvanacaloni says:

      Great point Justine. Yes when we can experience how others see their world it broadens our perspectives. By having an understanding and appreciation of other’s experience I become more patient, compassionate and accepting of what I might have otherwise dismissed or ignored.

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