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Just like there are rules to the game of chess so there are in all our interactions whether in the workplace, our family, club or other social setting. To succeed you need to know and play the rules.

You also need to determine is the game winnable. In corporate settings you often hear people refer to the unspoken rules as “the way we do things around here”. However, sometimes those rules have become outdated or ineffective. As a leader you need to stay abreast of your team’s level of engagement and commitment to your project, trends in the industry, competitive threats, innovation etc. In a dynamic and complex world  you may need to have the courage to change the rules of how your organisation structures its work practices.

First you need to know the purpose of your game (project). Or what is the outcome you are aiming to achieve.

To be continued……

If you would like to discuss how the rules of the game are impeding your progress or as a leader how you can change the rules of the game contact me at or UK  +44 (0) 20 7226 3611

Seeing the World as Games, Coaching Excellence in Organizations Year 2 Course Paper written by Robert Dunham  2009

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