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I recently facilitated a conversation with a group of senior leaders. As part of building trust and getting to know each other I asked them:
“What would your 20- year-old self say to you now?”

This was a group of high achievers. I wondered if they would try to outdo each other as they related their paths to success. On the contrary, they displayed courage in being open and vulnerable in what they shared.

Their anecdotes were poignant, humorous, inspiring and often surprising. Rather than a straight, upward path to their senior roles many acknowledged that at 20 years of age they would not have anticipated where they would be today.

The majority had pivoted at various points. They experienced multiple phases in their careers, changing countries, companies, roles and professions.

Their success was achieved by taking risks and roles that stretched them. Sometimes they were nudged into a role by an encouraging boss or mentor who saw their potential. Other times they took a different direction as they bounced back from a setback or could see obstacles to their advancement if they stayed at the same company.

The common thread was that their path to success was seldom a straight line.

What is your experience?

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