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Do you sometimes find yourself stuck?  My client shares his experience of awareness and how he managed to shift his mood through physical exercise. It had positive effects on his productivity. He has allowed me to use the following extract from his email to me.

“It seems now not only can I see when I’m not in the right mood to do something, I’m also able to do something to change my mood.

This morning I was not in the right mood to work. I sat at my desk looking at my laptop but I was unable to start, to open the first file. Usually I would start by losing time surfing the net, but this morning I decided to do something different. I tried to listen to myself and to understand what I mostly desired in that moment. I simply wanted to move my body, to jump, to run.

It has been snowing quite a lot in Milan in the last days so I went out running in the snow. I can’t explain what I felt. I was completely in contact with my body, with my instinct, with the nature around me. Great!! There’s a huge power in nature for me, I need to explore more in this direction.

After 1 hour I was back to my desk ready to work. I think I’ve rarely been so productive!

So simple, so effective, sometimes so difficult to put in practice: but I’m improving….

I remember when we met the first time and you explained to me the Body-Language-Emotions model. Now I realise I did not listen so actively. I couldn’t because I was tired and confused after 3 or 4 other chemistry sessions. I decided to follow my instinct. You’ve been the only one to explain to me in a simple way the approach you were going to propose to me.

Now I know I made the right choice, thanks a lot for helping me to transform so much. I’m putting all my best, but you’re doing a great job! Your Australian-Italian approach is great!”




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  • Reading this item reminded me of how I used to work when I was on the dealing desk. Perpetually on the phone but NEVER just sitting. Pacing a lot and feet up on the desk with the chair perilously perched. I had forgotten, but this was where a lot of creative energy was coming from. I’m back to doing again and it feels great! Energy levels soaring. Thanks for the reminder.