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“Sales without Selling” = Leadership + Communication + Relationship

In today’s increasingly competitive and connected business environment, whether or not you are officially designated as a salesperson you have the responsibility to grow your business, find new opportunities and attract new clients; if you like it or not you are expected to be a “Rainmaker”.

Your firm demands that in addition to your professional expertise you have a breadth of skills. There are no better ways to defend yourself from competitive threats and be prepared to create and take advantage of opportunities than to be agile leaders. Leadership is about being self-aware, an engaging salesperson able to enrol others to your ideas, product, service, vision or goal.

Gaining other’s attention; tapping into what they want or need requires you to be fully present, to focus your listening and to question skilfully. Your ability to inspire others to follow you and your recommendations depends on how you lead, communicate and create relationships. We understand the power of conversation, ideas, collaboration, risk-taking and requests. We bring together a unique combination of backgrounds, experience, and wisdom from failures and successes, entrepreneurial thinking, leading edge training and a sense of humour.

We guide you through a variety of exercises to address your different learning styles and uncover your dormant competencies. We share the WHY, HOW, WHAT model to improve your communication and listening. You will reflect, practice and discuss your experiences of videos, role-plays, story telling, centering exercises, improvisation and movement. You will receive feedback in the moment to enable you to refine your offer.

We facilitate a series of 1-3 day workshops that are designed to meet your individual and company specific needs. The material covered is a synthesis of leading edge theories of human learning that get to the core of what will enable you to be successful. We do not teach the same old sales tips and techniques.

We recognise that a relationship lies at the heart of every success and the essence of every relationship is a sale or:

● an engagement and agreement ● a mutual valuation ● the addressing of a care/concern ● the fulfilling of a need ● the solution to a problem ● the satisfaction of a desire ● the by-product of a higher purpose.

The workshops can be supplemented with one-on-one and group coaching to sustain your learning and new behaviours. Further this more intensive engagement will generate the best return for your investment.

Sylvana Caloni, global equity funds manager and analyst, generative leadership consultant, executive coach, diversity advisor, board member, Italian cook and budding photographer.

Paul O’Donnell, successful global salesman, business leader, entrepreneur, advisor, children’s storywriter and bon vivant.

Nigel Roberts, broadcast journalist, strategic media counsellor, crisis and issues manager, executive and media coach, stand-up comedian and offshore sailor.


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