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As we focus more on self-care and self-management during the Covid-19 lockdown, some of us have adopted practices of mindfulness, meditation and deep breathing. Some however find quieting their mind difficult, think it’s not for them and give up.

That’s why I like the photo of Buddha with headphones. It reminds me that in life there are more than one way of conceptualising a challenge and addressing it.

When I was a financial analyst I was very used to looking at a problem in minute detail, determining if it was wrong or right, defending my argument and adopting the view that it’s ‘my way or the highway’. I also used to live in a world of ‘either or’ and a mindset of scarcity.

As I trained in coaching and adult development theory I was introduced to the concept of ‘both and’. In other words, what might look like opposites or mutually exclusive positions may actually be consistent if we adopt a different mindset and encourage more diversity and inclusion.

If you are stuck in an ‘either or’ situation what have you done to shift your thinking?

Have you found ways to expand your opportunity set?

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