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Do you turn off from learning when you go on holidays?

It is half-term break and some of my clients are off skiing or at home with their kids.

And a typical reaction is that because they are out of the office they can’t do their ‘homework’-  the practices, experiments, journalling, reading etc. that we usually design together to further their learning. This prompts me to explore ways they can continue developing their self-awareness in their everyday activities or leisure time. 

A few years ago I took up the challenge to take a photo for 30 days of whatever I was doing –  whether it was walking to the train, using a bank machine, cooking or putting out the rubbish. “A picture paints a thousand words” and I wanted to see what interpretations I made of my daily activities. What they illuminated or uncovered about my habitual behaviours, attitudes and blind spots. What values and rituals I observed and how those insights could be transferred to my workplace. 

The collated photos also spurred some fascinating and humorous conversations with my clients and associates about their different interpretations. What they focused on and what they missed. It was a very practical example of how we are different observers of the same facts.

Recently a client asked me for some resources such as books, podcasts and TEDTalks on leadership. I also added some popular programmes so he could watch them with his kids. Some of the oldies but goodies are “West Wing” and “House”. Each has engaging romantic relationships and intrigue intertwined with issues of trust, ethics, leadership, communications, deception and team collaboration. “Inventing Anna” also provided some interesting reflections on creating a vision, communicating the idea and getting financial backers, curating an image and false news. All relevant to the workplace and watched from the sofa with a glass of wine and a snack.

What series or films would you recommend?

What were the lessons learned and how could they be applied to your workplace?

If you are looking for some resources to develop your leadership when you are not on the job contact or +44 (0) 7952 068133.

And if you would like to take up the 30-day challenge to improve your noticing skills see


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