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It’s time to take down the designed partnership alliance (DPA), rules of engagement (ROE), mind maps, sketches and timelines that Paul O’Donnell and I relied on to write “Humble Crumbles: Savouring the crumbs of wisdom from the rise and fall of Humble Pie”.

We’ve completed our book. It is available to purchase on the links below.

It has been a journey from the first “vomit” draft (a technical term) of 12 chapters to the pared down seven slices. In keeping with our DPA we laughed and cried as we collaborated on the iterative process of refining what we wanted to say. I take my hat off to Paul. He was vulnerable and courageous in recounting what worked and what didn’t as he built his retail pie business.

At times I hit a wall as I absorbed the negative emotions from Paul’s dashed dream and his decision to close Humble Pie. I doubted whether I had anything valuable to offer. Yet Paul, who has valiantly been my “guinea pig” as I described my learning, tested out models of coaching and theories of adult development, encouraged me to share my perspectives, observations and questions from my experience as an equities analyst and leadership coach. Our book is relevant to budding entrepreneurs and executives transitioning from a corporate life.

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