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Do you find working with colleagues, customers or suppliers challenging?

Do you aspire to becoming a leader or entrepreneur?

Then your starting point is getting to know yourself and what you do by default. Otherwise with the best of intentions you may misguidedly treat others as you wish to be treated. You won’t recognise that what you take for granted as universally accepted practices are just the way you do things. Consequently, you may trample across others’ standards, norms and beliefs leading to misunderstanding, conflict and resentment.

In my client engagements we explore 4 phases to sustain their desired changes.

First to improve their self-awareness we uncover their beliefs, values, assumptions, emotions and body dispositions.

Second we improve their discernment by distinguishing between their habits and conscious choice. They learn the distinction between reaction (triggered) and response (considered).

Third they build on this by experimenting with different responses, calibrating what works for them and embodying new practices.

Fourth they appreciate nuances and respond appropriately as they become skilled at leadership or entrepreneurial flexibility.

What do you do to improve your self-awareness?

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