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“While you are focused on something…its importance in your mind jumps…and the downstream consequences … are that you then search for information relevant to that particular concept and you act in ways that are appropriate…” Robert Cialdini

How often have you observed that when you, say, buy a red mini you suddenly notice all the red minis parked in your neighbourhood or driving down the motorway?

Chances are that those red minis have been around for some time and you just haven’t noticed them. It was only when a red mini became important or relevant to you that you noticed other red minis.

Recently an overseas client asked me if  I knew of executives in his city who had addressed the issue of succession planning. At first, no one came to mind, particularly, as I don’t have many contacts in his city. However, in the course of  a few completely unrelated phone calls I made enquiries and was able to supply my client with some names.

His requests had caused me to focus and even though I didn’t have immediate answers, his requests became important and relevant to me and so informed my conversations with others, leading to answers and solutions.

For me this highlights the fact that there are always possibilities out there and yet we often don’t see them. This is due to a lack of focus.

What may be obscuring your focus?

Could it be:

  • blindness due to a fear or belief about what is appropriate or permitted
  • unconscious bias 
  • you are a perfectionist and dismiss too readily
  • you are overwhelmed and drained of energy
  • you don’t commit?

How could you:

  • make the time to explore opportunities, consider their importance and relevance to you
  • become educated
  • become more self-aware
  • work with an external observer who can mirror to you what you don’t see or pay attention to ?

If you would like to discuss with me how to accelerate your learning, ability to focus and succeed  send a note to or call me on +44 (0) 7952 068133.






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  • Paul O'Donnell says:

    This more than true. In my case I have recently taken the step to publish poetry that I’ve kept to myself for many years. As a result I now write every day.
    More importantly, I seek and find inspiration for my poems from events, feelings and ideas that are around me. I didn’t register them as even being there before. I wasn’t tuned in. Now there is so much to experience and observe I have to find space to fit it into my daily life.

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