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As 2021 draws to a close it is time to take stock.

If you had to characterise the year in one word, image or sound what would it be?

For me the word would be ‘resilience’…facing the disruption of various lockdowns, managing hybrid working arrangements and learning new skills or becoming more proficient at facilitating online business meetings.

The picture would be the hourglass…as the sands flow through to mark the completion of one period, I can turn it over to start afresh, to learn from the disappointments and mistakes and to reframe them to take a new perspective and modify my approach to my colleagues and associates. The hourglass also reminds me to take time to acknowledge and celebrate my and my clients’ successes.

The sound would be the crunching of pebbles under my feet. I learned from neuroscience, that walking on uneven ground means that our brain has to make continual calculations about the gradients we are traversing and how we place our feet in order not to stumble or fall. So I’ve made a point of seeking out uneven ground on my walks.So it’s time to look up from the spreadsheets, the budgets and meeting minutes to pause, reflect, celebrate and approach 2022 knowing that we can develop our resilience and we can draw on our personal and collective resources. 

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