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As a business leader, entrepreneur or intrapreneur you have many things to consider.

You can not do it alone.

And finding ‘positive naysayers’ and impartial thought partners is critical to success.

In our book, Humble Crumbles: Savouring the crumbs of wisdom from the rise and fall of Humble Pie, Paul O’Donnell and I cover these topics and the insights gained from starting up and voluntarily closing down his pie business.

If reading is not your thing and you prefer to listen to a conversation, then our podcast with Meredith Bell provides a great opportunity to learn, explore, test your assumptions and expand your perspective about the challenges you will face.

In a very easy-going style, Meredith draws out our reasons for writing the book, the experiences we had as former financial executives turned entrepreneur and coach, and how we came to see that failure has a purpose and is part of the process on the way to success.

Meredith asks illuminating and useful questions to discover:

  • The importance of self-awareness to become a successful entrepreneur or leader
  • How your blind spots impair your decision-making
  • Why you must consider the downsides when creating a business plan
  • How to make the most of mentors and advisors
  • The value of making a BIG ask

You can listen at

 What questions do you have about juggling the many demands of starting up a business?

Where do you seek support and guidance when you hit road blocks to your business plan or leadership?

If you are tired of doing it alone and would appreciate the support and challenge of a thought partner and coach, contact me or +44 (0) 7952 068133.

Podcast with Meredith Bell

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