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As humans we are social beings. The restrictions imposed on our movements and mingling due to the pandemic are impacting how we connect with others and our physical and mental wellbeing.

The inability to shake hands to seal a deal, pat someone on the back to celebrate a win or place a reassuring hand on someone’s arm when they are anxious, mean that we have to rely even more on other ways of communicating.

In these circumstances conversation becomes even more critical as the way to connect with others.

Yet we may have developed some unhelpful habits that result in poor outcomes; a lack of trust, defensiveness, misunderstanding, and unsuccessful collaboration.

We can become more effective and engaging in our conversations if we explore how we prepare for them. This is more than the mechanics of the technology platform and sending out an agenda. It is about cultivating awareness of our mindsets and our attitudes to others and the possibility of different and better solutions.

What do you do to prepare for a conversation?

How do you self-manage your emotions?

What do you need to do differently to be open to new possibilities?

Come join me at 11.30 GMT on 21st November at Focus Reset 2020. A day of online sessions to give you an opportunity to reflect, reframe, learn new skills and reset. 

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You can also join the Linked In FR2020 community to ask questions, share your experiences and find helpful resources.


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