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Since becoming a coach I have participated in several communities of practice. The cadence of these online gatherings provide a sense of stability, belonging and stimulus. We explore leading-edge ideas, models, research and share our own successes and challenges.

Last night we discussed how we assist leaders when the rules keep changing. One of the participants highlighted the need for care, connection and communication.

Especially in these anxious times, I reflected that many leaders believe it is their duty to not let their guard down and to keep their teams upbeat. That they can only communicate when they are on top of things and have something positive to say. Of course, we do look to our leaders for vision and guidance. Yet they are human too. They are fearful, juggling multiple demands and may be grieving the loss of family or friends.

When leaders express their fears and ask for assistance they are not being weak. They are demonstrating the courage and strength it takes to be open, honest and transparent.

  • If you are a leader how do you communicate your own fears?
  • If you are a coach how do you inspire leaders in these anxious times?
  • If you are a follower how do you support your leaders?

I invite you to share your thoughts below or to contact me to explore how you can become a strong leader and judiciously demonstrate your vulnerability to connect more deeply with your followers.

Call me on +44 (0)7952 068133 or send a note to  to book a time to have a conversation.


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