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In business we are trained to be sceptical.

We continuously compare and contrast data.

Is there a pitfall to this approach?

Check to see if you go to a meeting and sit on the perimeter rather than immersing yourself in the presentation.

You may think:
·      the argument has logical inconsistencies
·      I’ve heard it all before
·      I know a better way

Such internal chatter inhibits you from hearing what’s being said and engaging in a different solution.

When I trained in the Mastery in Coaching course with Newfield Network , I was just buzzing with ideas. I was fascinated by how our language, body and emotion create our reality and enable or prevent us from making sustainable changes.

I had selected a coach, who was very different from me. We laughingly described him as “beads and sandals” and me as “stilettos and shoulder pads.” I remember saying to him that I was really excited by all the possibilities that were opening up as I learned more about myself and others. However, I was also resentful.

I was frequently told by my class mates that I was “too analytical” or “too much in my head.” One participant complained to me that by frequently comparing and contrasting her experiences with my own, she felt like I wasn’t really listening to her and honouring her unique experience.

I shared this with my coach and explained that I felt like my analytical identity was being squashed.

I envisaged myself as a pie (well, not literally) with wedges labelled analytical, body, language and emotion. As the B, L and E wedges expanded I felt like the A wedge was being squeezed.

My coach asked me, “why can’t your pie simply grow and all the wedges expand?”

Duh…. and even more interestingly “how can you become more ABLE?”

OK, so it sounds cheesy, but it was a revelation for me. I now recognise that I have the ability to discern when to be analytical and how analytical to be.

What is your experience?

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