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Some of us thought (hoped) that the disruption to our personal and professional lives resulting from the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the pandemic was going to be a sprint. Tough but short-lived.

It is becoming clearer that we are in a marathon – it will continue for some time. This makes it even more imperative to manage our expectations, mental health and physical well-being.

In my conversations with clients and friends I’m hearing more anecdotes of how people feel like they are drowning under the weight of anxiety and relentless working hours. Their personal and work life are blurred as they continue to work from home.

I wrote about leadership and overwhelm well before the pandemic. The issues I explored are not only still relevant they have added significance in our current circumstances.

  • How do you set boundaries, say “no” and devolve responsibility?
  • How do you create trust and invite your colleagues to contribute?
  • What do you do to rest and recover?

If you would like to explore how to better manage your time and the commitments you make, I invite you to contact me.  Leave a message below, send a note to or call on +44(0) 7952 068133.

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Photo source: Ian, Unsplash.


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