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Today is the autumn equinox. A marker of the new season. It is a reminder that in our increasingly busy lives, compounded by Covid-19, we can draw lessons from nature to use in our workplaces. Seasons mark boundaries and changes. The cycle of growth and decay.

How differently might we organise ourselves if we could embrace nature’s lessons?

In a world where we talk of “human capital” we tend to use machine-like analogies. Yet natural analogies are more appropriate for us. If we were to adopt nature’s lead, I wonder whether we might be better at setting boundaries to include periods of rest and renewal. If we might celebrate completions of projects instead of rolling straight into the next one without acknowledging our colleagues’ contributions and achievements.

I’m curious if we could let go of old ideas and processes like falling leaves. And encourage greater diversity and inclusion of perspectives and solutions. As Sir David Attenborough argues, “a complex ecosystem is more likely to survive and change and be productive than a simplified one”.

A very useful resource to help us move from simplified, linear thinking and to build our tolerance for and capacity to handle complexity is “Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps” by Jennifer Garvey Berger.

If you would like to improve how you work and engage with your colleagues drawing from the lessons of nature I invite you to contact me below, send a note to or call me on +44 (0) 7952 068133.



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