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Over the Easter holidays, I baked a traditional Italian bread from my dad’s birthplace and I coloured eggs. The latter was a custom my mum brought with her from her multi-cultural childhood in Alexandria, Egypt. As I had misplaced my handwritten recipes, I had to rely heavily on my memories and adapted the instructions I found on the internet.

You might ask, “what’s this got to do with the workplace?”

What I love about my Easter rituals is that they keep the memory of my late parents alive, they honour diversity and inclusion and they are an example of adaptation and experimentation. And these are all very relevant to the workplace, especially where there have been re-organisations, mergers and acquisitions.

I have coached teams where the “ghost” of their past company or leader has loomed large and they have struggled to come together as a cohesive team.


Questions for reflection

How do you honour the antecedents of your team or business while also adapting to new circumstances?

How do you blend different practices and standards to work collaboratively?


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