The ‘C’ word

By August 21, 2013Learnings

A word that is often not spoken about in a corporate setting yet is at the very core of what we think, how we behave and interact with others. It is also at the core of what inspires others to follow us, to collaborate with us and to deliver on our joint projects.

The word is CARE. What do you CARE about? What are your concerns? You might also consider it PASSION. What are you passionate about?

As business leaders we care about making something happen (e.g creating a new product, entering a new region, increasing customer satisfaction, generating repeat business, performing at the top of the league tables etc). We can not do this on our own. We need to collaborate with others: our direct reports, colleagues from other divisions or support services etc.

If we take the time to share our care or concern and tap into the cares of others, they will be more disposed to work effectively with us. Engaging in such conversations encourages followship and collaboration. It is also in conversations that we elicit commitments from others to act or perform tasks that will generate results.


The time invested will pay dividends as it will cut down on misunderstandings, resistance and rework. I am reminded of a phrase shared with me by Jo Ann who worked at the Pentagon. She said “we never have time to do it right, but we always have time to do it over”.

With thanks to Bob Dunham, Institute of Generative Leadership in partnership with Newfield Network, who introduced me to the importance of care in organisational performance.

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